[A4] Changing Control Arms...

Tom Love theloves at localaccess.com
Thu Jan 15 13:13:29 PST 2009

Living in saltless Chehalis and changing the ca's out of my PNW native 99.5 
A4 it cost me 2 hours labor ($150) just to get a couple of the bolts off. 
All in all buying the entire kit from pure ms at about $500 and labor the 
whole thing cost me about $900. Well worth it to get rid of all the clatter 
and squeaking but I'm sure that by just changing out the problem children I 
could have saved a substantial amount of cash and used some of that to pay 
for the now creaking r/r corner (go figure). BTW-I still have one new front 
lower control arm, two tie rod ends and two sway bar links as left overs 
(don't ask why) sitting here that might come up for sale. (all for the B5 
and some VW's)

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> The vehicle is a '99 A4 and among other things, getting the 1975 Dodge 
> Dart clunking in the front end.  Yep, guessing some control arms need to 
> be replaced.  Even though only one side is clunking I figure as it's a 
> common ailment, I just paid a mint on new tires, an alignment is required 
> (and based on wear of my last tires needed), I might as well address this.
> I've read a little on Audiworld and Blau's site and looks fairly 
> straightforward but maybe a touch time consuming.  Wondering if others who 
> have done this job could chime in on what kind of time commitment I'm 
> looking at and if there are any oddities I should expect along the way. 
> Also, does just a wholesale update using like a full Blau kit make sense 
> or am I throwing good money after bad?  Any special tools?
> If nothing else, I guess living in the saltless streets of Seattle should 
> be a blessing for undoing bolts.
> dp
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