[A4] Wipers

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Sat Jan 17 11:45:32 PST 2009

Dan DiBiase wrote:
> Man, getting wipers for this car is nuts. Autozone has to special order them - at $86 for just a pair of blades!. 

So it's not just the dealerships that are greedy? :)

On my '99 A4, the wiper arms end in a J hook. Every blade I've bought
at my FLAPS has been compatible with them.

The expensive flat ones work OK, but not twice as good.  I buy my
blades a few inches shorter, so the passenger side doesn't try to
fit the curve at the edge of the windshield. They still clear
enough for me to see.

And I use Rain-X windshield washer fluid. It's easier than applying
the stuff you wipe and and wipe off, and it works great.

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