[A4] Wiper Resolution

Arthur Marks aamarks at cox.net
Wed Jan 28 10:47:43 PST 2009

The ones I got required a few choice words to get the metal clip (or 
something I can't quite remember) to fit.


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Not available for the sport blades in many "S" model audis, which I
believe was the original inquiry.

for example, the inserts on my S6's blades taper from end to end.  No
refill will fit without, ahem, work.

I may try however.


Arthur Marks wrote:
> You can also just replace the rubber if the rest is fine (at least I did 
> on my '03). I bought them for about $7 at the VW dealership a while back. 
> Part # 895955429A for my A4.
> --Art
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