[A4] Auto-dim mirror not working.

Tyson Varosyan tyson at up-times.com
Tue Jun 23 12:21:51 PDT 2009

So again, we just got a 2000 A4Q 2.8 Stick and another issue we found is
that the rear mirror auto-dim is not working. Taking a closer look at
the mirror, I see a line inside it. Looks like the LCD liquid behind the
glass may have partly leaked out. When I press the glass, the line
moves, like its liquid. 


Any tips on what we should do here? I found used mirrors online @ 120, I
could just order one up. Where I would like help from you guys is to
know what years mirrors will fit my plug and also, I would like to test
the plug to make sure that it is the mirror that is broken (and not some
controller unit or something). Why the heck does it take 6 wires to run
a mirror anyway!?!




Tyson Varosyan

Technical Director, Uptime Technical Solutions LLC.

tyson at up-times.com


206-715-TECH (8324)



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