[A4] Auto-dim mirror not working.

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Tue Jun 23 22:08:00 PDT 2009

that happened to me.  in las vegas.  it failed in the extreme sun and  
heat in a parking lot.  $300.  extended warranty person was a BITCH on  
the phone.  after 911 those warranty companies, many who were  
insurance based, went out of business.  they sold things off, like the  
warranty converage divisions.  it was some jackass in some office  
somewhere wo said "it's glass.  glass isn't covered.  read your  
agreement.  goodbye."  anyway, yours is toast.

i have a cherry set of floor mats from that model/year, i think.

On Jun 23, 2009, at 12:21 PM, Tyson Varosyan wrote:

> So again, we just got a 2000 A4Q 2.8 Stick and another issue we  
> found is
> that the rear mirror auto-dim is not working. Taking a closer look at
> the mirror, I see a line inside it. Looks like the LCD liquid behind  
> the
> glass may have partly leaked out. When I press the glass, the line
> moves, like its liquid.
> Any tips on what we should do here? I found used mirrors online @  
> 120, I
> could just order one up. Where I would like help from you guys is to
> know what years mirrors will fit my plug and also, I would like to  
> test
> the plug to make sure that it is the mirror that is broken (and not  
> some
> controller unit or something). Why the heck does it take 6 wires to  
> run
> a mirror anyway!?!
> Thanks,
> Tyson Varosyan
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