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This happened to me, on a B5 car.  When you pull out the drink holder entirely, it's quite a long rectangular package.  In the back, there is a "constant force" spring, and it looks like long strip of metal rolled up.  The attachment point to the carriage (the whole mechanisam that slides back and forth) is pretty weak.  I was able to carefully take it apart and reattach it with a bit glue.  The end of the flat metal spring looks like a T, and that slides into a T shaped pocket.  I can't remember, but I think I added a thin strip of plastic (mylar sheet?) to stick over the T shaped pocket, in order to keep the spring in there - a bit of delicate d*cking around with it, but it wasn't too hard.  Good Luck.


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OK, while we're fixing internal floppy things I have a question about the
center console cup-holders on a '98.  A while back the spring broke and now
I have to open/close them manually.  Its not hard to do but it is a pain in
the rear.  Anyone have any experience R&Ring them?  Can I just super-glue
whatever broke and get on with my drink life?


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