[A4] [Biturbos4] Interior door handle broken? -> floppy drinkholder

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed Mar 25 09:02:52 PDT 2009

Frankly I don't understand why Audi put a drink holder right above the CC
and stereo.  Sugar-y drink + bump + spill + gravity = gooey syrup in the
electronics.  Hello!?!?

Tranny tunnel/center console 100 times better....


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Last night I dug into my drink holder, to jog my memory . . . and I broke
off the clips!!  A little more glue, and it'll be fine again.  I remember
doing the same the first time around, years ago.  Ah, the price to pay in
order to add to the greater good of audifans.com . . .

Removing the Drink Holder (2001 B5, top console has 3 buttons on left,
hazzard in middle, drink holder on right). 1 - Carefully pry out the trim
surrounding the top console.  There are 6 little metal clips that are bonded
onto the console trim, and they are likely to break off due to the age of
the parts, and the nature of interior plastic parts.  This comes out
straight, in the direction that the drink holder moves. 2 - Just above the
drink holder (now exposed), there are two gray sheetmetal spring clips.
Remove the clips and the drink holder should release freely. 3 - Glue the 6
clips back to the top console trim, because they're probably busted. 4 - Pop
it all back in.


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It's been a few years.  I'll revisit it again tonight and let you know.

One thing I did remember is that the spring rides with the carriage, and the
T pocket is in back of the whole package.  My orig email had it backwards.


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Thanks for the info.  How did you get the package out in the first place? 
Is there some type of hook release or did you just pull it up?  Its good to
know that 


On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 5:17 PM, Phil Yee <philter at myway.com> wrote:

This happened to me, on a B5 car.  When you pull out the drink holder
entirely, its quite a long rectangular package.  In the back, there is a
"constant force" spring, and it looks like long strip of metal rolled up.
 The attachment point to the carriage (the whole mechanisam that slides back
and forth) is pretty weak.  I was able to carefully take it apart and
reattach it with a bit glue.  The end of the flat metal spring looks like a
T, and that slides into a T shaped pocket.  I cant remember, but I think I
added a thin strip of plastic (mylar sheet?) to stick over the T shaped
pocket, in order to keep the spring in there - a bit of delicate d*cking
around with it, but it wasnt too hard.  Good Luck.


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OK, while were fixing internal floppy things I have a question about the
center console cup-holders on a 98.  A while back the spring broke and now I
have to open/close them manually.  Its not hard to do but it is a pain in
the rear.  Anyone have any experience R&Ring them?  Can I just super-glue
whatever broke and get on with my drink life?


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