[A4] Looking for an Audi A4 - B7 (2005–2008)

Kishan Nagabhyru ice1279 at yahoo.com
Fri May 1 20:24:51 PDT 2009

Hi guys,
I'm kinda new to this, so I really would appreciate your advice in helping me select a used Audi A4. I was recommended audifans.com by my mate Noel (Nj).
I'm based in Glasgow and currently drive a 1995 (M reg) BMW 316i with over 120k on the clock. Despite the mileage and wear & tear, the engine is still running strong. I drive nearly 70 miles a day along the A80/M80. In the bad weather, the car turns into a typical BMW and fishtails about the place. But in the dry, its fine. I'm currently paying about £40 per week in petrol and have a good insurance history (6 years) with no claims. Its due a service and the insurance, tax and MOT all expire at the end of May. I'd like to get a new car before then.
I'm looking to trade in my Beemer and get a used Audi A4 saloon - the B7 model (2005–2008).

My wishlist is as follows:
Manual; 2.0 TDi; Air con/climate control; 45K
Nice to haves:
S Line; Cruise Control; Quattro; Leather;
Here are my questions:
1) I intend to use the car for my daily commute to work (35 miles each way) and a bit on the weekends too. With a manual TDi, what kind of running costs am I looking at?
2) Should I stick with looking for a 2.0 TDi, or should I go for a 1.9 TDi? In fact, should I be considering petrol engines?,
3) Given that the roads I use for my daily commute can get a little hairy at times (especially bad weather during rush hour - surface water aplenty!) should I be giving consideration towards a Quattro? How much extra are the running costs over a standard 2WD?
4) Can I use the Government's new car scrappage scheme to my advantage? If so, how?
5) Despite paying all the bills on the car, its still owned under my dad's name. I can get the V5 transferred, to my name. But given the short amount of time the car will be in my name, will it have an impact on the trade-in?
6) Given the condition of my car, is there anything I ought to do to it before offering it for the part-exchange? Oil service perhaps?
7) I'd like to run the A4 for at least a couple of years. What kind of mileage should I be looking for? 30K? 50K?
8) From the websites I've seen so far, the kind of A4 I'm looking for is about £8500. Is this accurate?
9) Apart from Audi dealers, where else should I be looking? NB: I know nothing about cars and wouldn't know what to look for during a private sale.
I really would appreciate any information you have to offer. Even if its stuff not addressed above. You guys know your stuff and I totally trust your expertise!


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