[A8] Rear caliper questions

Craig Moore craigemde at brinet.com
Tue Nov 25 11:17:05 EST 2003

Greetings all:

>From the pot (urQ list) into the frying pan (A8)...Purchased a 1998 A8 summer package off eBay..all went well. Among my "to fix" list are frozen rear caliper braking brake actuators due to FL salt air and disuse. No amount of external lube has helped, actuator arm moves only a 1/2" or so with "extreme prejudice" applied, and suspect internal pushrod mech. is shot. Has anyone (1) Taken them apart, found a problem, knows the fix and if parts are easily available ?, (2), what other Audi rear calipers used on non-A8 cars are the same as the A8 piece..part number would be helpful.  

    Found a 24" 3/8's extension, universal joint and deep 14mm socket with penlight held in mouth will facilitate tightening the PB handle adjuster rod found above the drive shaft when approached from the rear end of the last heat shield. Had hoped a tight cable(s) would move the actuator but didn't happen.

   Had an interesting time removing a faulty defroster switch from dash...if interested, made a slip over sleeve which will compress both spring clips on these switches so they can be popped out, otherwise impossible to reach lower clip even with radio and HVAC center vent removed.

Thanks for any feedback,


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