[A8] FS 2000, 2001 A8 your choice

Rich, Jack JRich at kronos.com
Wed Jan 28 08:08:33 EST 2004

I figure I'll be in the market in a couple of years.  My 98 is still to nice
to bother.  Does this arrangement have any permanence, or is it a one-time

Jack Rich

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Got a connection to get off-lease A8s direct at what I would call fairly 
cheap. Let me know who is in the market.  We can make it happen.  I am not 
offering this to make money -- just passing on some happiness to my 
brethren.  I just came into a 2000 nice black with hot weather package, 
with only 37,000 miles.  What a beauty.  This car is still under warranty 
from Audi just like it was bought from a franchised dealer with a sign out 
front.  No lose proposition.

Loving it baby!

HK  -- Georgia

423-991-6362 cell

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