[A8] 1998 Audi A8 transmission hunting/surge

Rich, Jack JRich at Kronos.com
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I don't think Audi scheduled service ever includes changing the
transmission fluid.  As to why the service "caused" it, it could be
coincidental, or it could be an induced electrical connection problem
(my recent problem) [which is really hard to diagnose, by the way] or
something else again.


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Hi All:

I joined this list after surfing the internet and seeing some postings
on the A8 transmission "hunting" and RPM surge issues at 40-50MPH. Saw
many similar complaints/discussion on Audiworld site.

I only recently purchased the car with 97K on it and noticed none of
this on initially driving the car, not did an independent pre-purchase
inspection. As part of an agreement to purchase from the dealer I had
the dealer do a major T-belt service with cam seals and the lot as well
as all other scheduled maintenance including transmission service. THEN
I started noticing the issue as did the mechanic who did pre-inspection.
He's presently scratching his head on how he might resolve this problem
and what is causing it...
ANYWAY excuse the verbose posting, but can anybody tell me what is the
BOTTOM LINE on this issue regarding diagnosis/prognosis for the
transmission-its a beautiful car but I'm seriously concerned...

Charleston, SC
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