[A8] Windshield film?

Rich, Jack JRich at Kronos.com
Thu Mar 25 08:25:28 EST 2004

Yes to the metal film if your car has the summer package.  (If your sunroof
has solar panels instead of a moon roof, you have it.)  Other A8's may have
it as well, since I know A8 is specifically mentioned on the NY EZPass site
as requiring an external module.  I mounted mine in front of the radiator,
though instructions say to mount it to the license plate, where it can be
easily stolen.  I don't know if your inside module can withstand the weather
of being mounted outside.  You should switch it.

Yes, it blocks radar detectors and cell phone signals.  (If you're in a weak
coverage area, you'll notice the difference.)  I also assume, but don't
know, that it is the reason my car remote won't work except from really
close and only from certain points around the car.

Generally a pain except in the summer, when I love it again.  The car stays
*much* cooler in the sun.


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I've noticed with my "new" A8 that my EZPass no longer seems to work.  Is
there a metal film in the windshield that blocks it?   Does it block radar
detectors from alerting also?  Not that I would EVER speed, mind you, I just
want to know to be, er, safe.

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