[A8] Tranny Limp Home + Code 18242 & CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT

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Mon May 10 14:43:56 EDT 2004


Is there any difference between the trans in a 99 compared to a 98?
I have the similar hunting and thumping in my 99 with less than 90K


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Date: Monday, May 10, 2004 2:34 pm
Subject: RE: [A8] Tranny Limp Home + Code 18242 & CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT

> Jack -
> I had the same thing happen to my 98 last year and finally had to 
> have a
> rebuild done (after Audi claimed it was not their 'responsibility'),
> inside they found burn marks and pitting, after the complete rebuild
> things were much better, but I still have a clunk at 62 mph when
> coasting down from higher speeds as well as a lot of hunting at lower
> speeds with some erratic rpm's and up and down shifting. Finally found
> the answer. A mechanic at my Audi dealer found out two things are 
> amisshere (it took him 4 days!):

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