[A8] Tranny Limp Home + Code 18242 & CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT

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It is too early to say if this is a major problem.  The fault codes point to a specific pressure regulating valve inside the transmission body that shouldn't be too expensive, at least that's what I'm hoping.

I'll keep the list posted.


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Jack -

I had the same thing happen to my 98 last year and finally had to have a
rebuild done (after Audi claimed it was not their 'responsibility'),
inside they found burn marks and pitting, after the complete rebuild
things were much better, but I still have a clunk at 62 mph when
coasting down from higher speeds as well as a lot of hunting at lower
speeds with some erratic rpm's and up and down shifting. Finally found
the answer. A mechanic at my Audi dealer found out two things are amiss
here (it took him 4 days!):

1. The torque converter is bad in all 98 A8, it does not pulse right and
closes up at higher speeds and then opens abruptly again at 62 mph,
should do this at a maximum of 320 rpm, but he measured it on the road
in mine as high as 450 rpm (no wonder it clunks)

2. There was a Tech Bulletin (Group: 37, Number: 98-02, Date: Aug 13,
1998) that addressed an issue with the Transmission Control Module being
faulty. Its downshift time is way delayed. They recommended replacing
the TCM with an updated TCM ($1502.78) to fix the problem. I found a
used one and am hoping to install this week, it should take care of all
but the clunking. 

I have had it with Audi Customer Relations, they have been of no help
and I think it is obvious that the 98 A8 tranny has lots of issues, as
my mechanic confirms. Having said this, I was about to write an email to
this group anyway, because my lawyer and I are gathering materials and
cases for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Audi America. So if you or
anyone on this list, or anyone else you know has had tranny problems
with their 98 A8, please let me know. I have also spoken with the Atty
Generals Office here in Minnesota, and they are interested in looking at

I am certain that there are many of us out there who have had these
recurring problems with their trannys, which occur only in 98 A8s. The
way Audi wanted me to go away suggests that something is going on and
they are not addressing it. Well, I've had it. Now it's a matter of
principle. By reporting your problems to me you will not incur any
costs, but simply be placed in the collective lawsuit as a plaintiff. My
lawyer assures me that you can only benefit from this, I'll take the
initial cost and risk.

I look forward to hearing from any and all of you.


Ralf Schirg

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My 98 A8 entered limp-home mode once before, but without a code when I
later checked it.  It did it again recently, and I checked the codes
prior to shutting off the car.  It threw the following tranny code:
18242 - Pressure Control Valve 5 (N233): Open or short to ground P1834 -
35 - 00 - -

In both cases it happened while stuck in traffic for a while, and
finally starting to go again.  Engine revved strangely high (like no
clutch engagement) and then some rock-hard, abrupt shifts, one of which
eventually throws it into limp mode.

Fluid completely changed 12K miles ago.  Fluid still full and clean.

Anyone have experience with this, or know what the pressure control
valve is?

Jack Rich
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