[A8] Tranny Limp Home + Code 18242 & CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT

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I had to replace a 97 tranny (early DPZ) about 10 k miles ago, and it just
started clunking again. Had tranny fluid / filter changed but it still
clunks on low speed down shift.

A real Achilles heel. I would have to say I could not recommend any used A8
pre new model due to COSTLY tranny issues and it is one your reminded of
every time you come to a stop. 

I've had lawn tractors shift more smoothly and reliably then my A8.


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Now I'm curious if the 97 A8 has the same tranny? Although the tranny is one
of the few things on my 97 that has not broken in some way (wrote that with
my fingers crossed).
-- Larry

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They are the same as far as I'm aware.  It is a ZF transmission.


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Is there any difference between the trans in a 99 compared to a 98?
I have the similar hunting and thumping in my 99 with less than 90K

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