[A8] Looking for place to diagnose a transmission (computer?) problem- Boston

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I don't think an Audi dealer will do anything other than
tell you to install a new transmission. At least the dealer
by me told me they don't to anything with transmissions besides
diagnose them as bad, then change them. According to the service
manager, that's the way Audi corporate wants it.

Good luck,

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Subject: [A8] Looking for place to diagnose a transmission
(computer?)	problem- Boston

My 98 A8 has been in and out and back in the transmission shop, and they
are giving up on the problem. (It enters limp mode when stuck in traffic
or in city driving.) They believe the transmission is fine, have checked
electronics, and are giving up on the problem. They believe it is heat
related, possibly the transmission computer, but are unwilling to
continue billing me large amounts of money for computers or
transmissions with no confidence that it will fix the problem. They have
offered me a refund on the original charge to repair (is that honest, or
what?), less the up-front diagnostic charge you agree to when you
intially bring the car in.

Here's the rub: They are recommending taking it to an Audi dealer who
can completely diagnose and isolate the problem with the proper
specialized test equipment.

I've never heard of Audi dealers being great places to go to diagnose
anything, especially out of warranty. Does anyone know of a dealer or
aftermarket specialist in the Boston area with a shop competent enough
to do this?

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