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Yup.  I bet the list picks up as A8s get older.  The V8 list was incredibly active when I was on it years ago.

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Just saying Hi. This list is VERY slow, but, good. AudiWorld is very active but cluttered imho. I'm pretty non-techy, but I think a number of the people on this list are quite tech and mechanically good, so I'll always listen, and post rarely. I too have a 97A8, got it in 01, and I still love it. It's my daily car and a fabulous year round vehicle (which in central NH is saying alot!). Still feels like a new car and of course, no rust.
-- Larry

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Ok i joined this list about two weeks ago and have only got one digest then nothing for weeks. 
Kinda wierd.
So I bought this A8 '97 4.2 off ebay and man is it nice.
I've had 5 other audis 87-89s TQs
Miss the turbo in the mountains here in CO but moving back to Alabama this summer so it will all be about even.

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