[A8] Prospective A8 Buyer

Quattro8880 at aol.com Quattro8880 at aol.com
Tue Apr 26 11:33:22 EDT 2005

If you are mechanically inclined to do your own work you can save a lot of money. 

Transmissions are a problem, but if you change the transmission fluid and filter every 50,000 miles you won't run into them.

Cruise control is usually a dirty switch in the stalk.

Steering wheel heaters are usually broken, but not always. Seat heaters I've not heard of a problem with. You can usually fix the Power head rests. 

The valve covers are a common problem that are easily solved with a very thin layer of permatex, as are the cam seals.

Generally speaking if you are not a tinkerer, or have a good Audi mechanic, don't buy one. (Unless you have the $$ to take it to a dealer)

It's the Audi Flagship, so the engineering that went into it is all cutting edge. It hasn't been "wrung out" yet. You'll both reap the benefits and failures of the project.

Check www.audifans.com for a good buyers guide, and audiworld.com for forum entries. It's a lot busier than this forum.

Good Luck

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