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The transmission is the area of concern.  Mine was entering limp mode
last summer, and it "fixed itself" when I reset the transmission
computer.  (Barry, I sent directions on this from Audiworld forums.  Try
it.)  However, it has started again.  The transmission itself is
believed to be fine, but they cannot diagnose the cause.  The "change
transmission fluid and everything will be fine" theory has not worked,
as I don't think the problem is in the transmission.

The car is otherwise wonderful.  Powerful, much better brakes than the
old V8, good handling, comfortable.  You'll love it until the
transmission starts giving you trouble, and at that point, the
tranmission repair might start to threaten what the car is worth, or at
least will be more than what it is worth with a bad transmission.  It's
a $70,000 car that seems worth it if you really would spend that on a
car.  It's a bargain used.

The steering wheel heat on mine broke, of course.  They all do.  $350
will get you a new one, but I haven't bothered.  Car has been about as,
or actaully more, reliable than other Audis I've owned, except for the


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Hello everyone.  I currently own a 1994 Pearl White
S-4 and am considering selling it and buying a
2000-2002 A8.  I would welcome anyone's thoughts
regarding reliability, desirable/undesirable options,
pricing, and general owner satisfaction. Thanks a lot.
 Consider this your chance to spout off about your car
the way I like to spout off about mine!


David Greaves

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