[A8] Rattle fixing in door

C1UE at prodigy.net C1UE at prodigy.net
Thu Dec 1 18:23:24 EST 2005

Question for the brain trust:

I just got an '03 S8 to complement my '99 A8 - very 
significant changes I must say!

However, one small irritating item is that I have a 
rattle in the door. I did the obvious removal of the 
pop-out faux wood strip and tightened the upholstery 
screws underneath, but the rattle is above that 
somewhere right around the pushup for the lock.

I'd go in there too but there is some type of tape 
sealing off the end of this top piece of upholstery.

Should I just peel it off? I'm afraid that once I 
violate integrity that it will not keep on in the 



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