[A8] Thinking about buying an A8 quattro. Should I?

Rich, Jack JRich at Kronos.com
Mon Mar 28 10:44:06 EST 2005

It is an expensive Audi, so count on it being expensive to repair.  My
A8 ('98, 144K) has been fairly reliable and cheap to maintain, with the
exception of a problem in the transmission no one can diagnose.  The
transmissions are *very* expensive and not the most reliable in the
world.  That would be my only worry with the car.  I really like having
Tiptronic, which they all have beginning in '98.  For that reason alone,
I'd go with a newer one.  It is the same transmission, however, in the
'97, just no Tip.

If you do your own timing belts, you can easily do the A8 as well.
Complete instructions with pictures are available on someone's site,
which you can probably find by searching the Audiworld forums.  I don't
do them.  It was around $600-700 when my mechanic did it.

I like mine a *lot* more than my '90 V8, and am spoiled rotten by having
it.  (I want to replace it, but don't have many options except another
one or a big step down.)  It is a world-class car.

Jack Rich

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So as a joke I bid on an A8 on eBay. 
I got out bid by $100 but the winner didn't pay so the seller sent me a
second chance offer. So now I seriously considering it. I've had lots of
5000tqs and 200s , but I don't know shit about these things. What do you
guys think about this car?

Its a 1997 you can check out the links and specs here

And If any has access to Carfax and can run this that would be cool too

So what do you guys think about this car? Is it a great deal that I
shouldn't turn down or am I flirting with a possible money pit.

I never had an Audi with less than 100K miles or newer than an '89.  I
wonder if its broke in good yet???

I know the timing chain is due at 100K. Is this something I can do
myself or should I leave it to the professional?

Thanks for any input.
Britt Crowell
eCrowell Inc.
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