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How do you clean out the A/C drains

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> Hello David, 
> This may not be what you want to hear, but I will be honest. I have a 1999 A8. I 
> bought it in 2002 with 70K miles. It now has 101K miles. 
> I am very disappointed in this car, and I would never recommend an A8. 
> These cars have numerous problems that are endemic to all. This includes: 
> Transmission - most, if not all A8's will develop transmission problems. My car 
> shifts poorly, frequently upshifing too soon, and hunting. Then there is the 
> dreaded 'thump' that occurs when are on the highway at 70 or so, and lift off 
> the throttle like when you are exiting the road. When the car slows down to 60 
> or so transmission drops to idle, then thumps back up to RPM. Very annoying. 
> Cruise control - seems to be broken on most cars. 
> Seat heaters and steering wheel heaters break often 
> A/C drains clog. This causes water to pour out of the dash vents and puddle on 
> the floor. 
> Mechanically, expect lots of oil leaks - from the valve cover gaskets, cam 
> seals, transmission output shaft seals, etc. 
> All in all, the car has many wonderful qualities. The looks are great, stylish 
> but inderstated. The power is awesome. The handling is great. However, the Audi 
> service is terrible, and parts prices are ridiculous. My antenna mast wore out 
> (who ever heard of a fixed mount antenna wearing out?) and the replacement was 
> $65.00. 
> My next car will probably be a Subaru. The new Legacy GT has 250 HP, AWD, BBS 
> wheels, etc. 
> Barry 
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> From: David Greaves 
> Date: Monday, April 25, 2005 5:20 pm 
> Subject: [A8] Prospective A8 Buyer 
> > Hello everyone. I currently own a 1994 Pearl White 
> > S-4 and am considering selling it and buying a 
> > 2000-2002 A8. I would welcome anyone's thoughts 
> > regarding reliability, desirable/undesirable options, 
> > pricing, and general owner satisfaction. Thanks a 
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