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Awful lot of idle chatter over there.  I don't find it nearly as useful as
the V8 list, even though I don't own one anymore and have replaced it with
an A8.  I do wish it was better and easier to use.

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> There is a lot more information on this and other people with the same
problems at Audi World
> http://www.audiworld.com/forum/a8.html
> Lots of activity there , and unfortianatly it seems about 1/3rd of it is
tranny issues.
> Britt
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> I have a 97q. the dealer paid half of the tranni replacement a few years
ago well out of warrenty and as a second owner. The tranni thumps and seeks
every now and then. what can I do to keep it from getting worse, fluid
change? filter? the fluid must be filled through drain plug? what about
filter access.
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