[A8] *New Lister* -- Upgrading ??

Barry Lenoble lenoble at optonline.net
Fri Feb 17 22:47:45 EST 2006

Hello Ed,

I have a 1999 A8. I bought it in August 2002 when it had
70K miles. It now has 110K miles. Overall, I have very
mixed feelings about this car.

Like most A8's, my car has transmission problems
(torque converter lock thump, hunting, etc.), cruise
control inoperative, heated steering wheel and seat
heater inop, various seat motors not working, airbag
light on, constant oil leaks (transmission output
shaft seal replaced twice since I have owned the car),
rear trans seal is leaking now, various engine hoses
replaced, both head gaskets replaced, etc.

That's the bad news. The good news is that the car
is wonderful to drive (transmission problems excepted).
If you have to make long trips, the A8 could be the
best car in the world. It is fast, quiet, comfortable,
efficient, safe, and has a huge carrying capacity.

My car gets 25mpg on the highway. I can drive all day
long at 75-80 mph. I make frequent 300 mile trips. I
arrive feeling fresh and relaxed. No matter what the
weather, I am confident that my Audi will get me there.
I love the look of the car and the fact that most people
have no idea what it is.

As I'm sure you know, parts are expensive, and if you
need to pay someone to work on the car, that will be
even more expensive.

So, it's up to you to decide if the A8 is the right car
for you. Yes, they are cheap to buy, but there's a reason
for that.

Good luck,

>  And am wanting to up-grade my Audi stable to an A8.
>  So far at least - the A8 is at the top of my list - But
>  with fuel and other running costs high on this model - 
>  Maybe it would be the wiser to look strongly at the smaller 
>  end of the Audi spectrum - Though I must admit growing 
>  quite comfy in the large car.
>  I've read through the posts - AudiWorld's Forums and
>  Paul W's great site .. It seems, there is quite a list of
>  issues to contend with on these cars (Like the V8's and
>  other Audi models too of course!) 
>  Things like; weak/poor transmissions - (lots of) front-end 
>  parts - Sealing/Hoses - Firmware & Electrical maladies too!
>  The quietness (and the long list of potential needs) is giving
>  me some pause .. Is everyone too busy fixing their A8's or
>  are they dependable and everyone - is not needing to post?
>  Anyone have any early year recommendations? - suggestions? 
>  BTDT's? - Stay clear stories? - Boston area service-techs?

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