[A8] re buying an A8

David Giannandrea david.giannandrea at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 8 04:25:27 EDT 2006

Regarding buying an A8, 97 - 2000.

I have a 97, wish I had a 99 as my buddy has. I would stop at 99 as the 2000
has a lot more weight and complexity. The 99 is the real driver's car.

The 97 was improved in 98-99 with:
	Improved Engine response
	Improved Transmission (Tiptronic, better TCM programming)
	Added outside dimming mirrors
	Added intermittent windshield wiper control

And if you buy a 99 you will still be under 4000 lbs (same weight as an A6.)
And I really think that the transmission problems attributed to the A8 come
from the lousy shifting program in the 97. I am almost always shifting
manually to keep decent RPM. Audi actually had a fix where dealers would
install a new TCM and shift valve for customers that complained about the
shifting. I never new about it in time.


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