[A8] Front seat recline STUCK!

Rich, Jack JRich at Kronos.com
Tue Mar 7 09:42:07 EST 2006

Does the motor make noise as if trying to move the seat?  Perhaps it isn't the motor itself, but has overextended itself beyond the end of whatever gear or pulley it must grab to move it back up.  Just a thought.


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Hi All, 

I've only taken my front passenger seat all the way back (reclined) twice since I've owned the car in order to move stuff.

This time its now stuck all the way back in the reclined position. Every other positioning knob on the seat works (including headrest up/down which of course is the same knob controlling the seat back).

What's my diagnosis? Bad switch, cable, motor??  I've never been inside one of these seats.

Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated-

Charleston, SC

1998 Audi A8 Quattro

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