[A8] 5x A8 run

Britt Crowell Britt at BrittCrowell.com
Sat Oct 7 01:17:43 EDT 2006

Actually the bug deposited itself directly on the lens of the DVcam. I had a wide angle lens screwed on. The DVcam was on a tripod mounted inside the car and sticking out through the sunroof. I used a bright yellow rope or two to help secure it. I should have taken a pic to show off the redneck engineering aspect of it all. I'm sure the woman in the Jeep was thinking, "WHAT IN THE HELL?!?!"
Its exactly 15 miles to my dads. So its a little more than 12min. drive, but the back way can be quite enjoyable. But then Black Mamba needs a bath from the dust.
Britt Crowell

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  Great!  Thanks, worked great.  Looks like a really fun ~12 minute drive there :-)  I take it that's a 'Bama bug that met it's Maker on your windshield? 

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