[A8] Mike in Montana

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Sat Oct 6 17:13:15 PDT 2007

Thanks, David. Good info. Still, 24 for a V8 is pretty good. I get about 26-27 in the 91 200 and have gotten over 30 a couple times when the wife was driving it following the RV at about 65mph. Can you say "boring" :-)


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Salesman _might_ be exaggerating mpg. First, the computer is probably
optimistic (can be adjusted to near perfect, btw). If you NEVER get off the
freeway you could get 26 mpg at 70-75 mph FOLLOWING TRAFFIC, but not
breaking your own wind. As soon as you take a couple of pit stops it will
probably turn out to be 24mpg on a typical trip. That's my experience (90k
worth) and I sticking to it.

I like the 99 A8, it's the last of the sub 4000lb luxo cruisers.


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