[A8] 1999 A8 price [Tomas]

Martin Karo martin.karo at verizon.net
Sun Oct 7 18:03:38 PDT 2007

Like Dave, I also prefer the earlier A8's -- they're lighter, and I like the red night "U-Boat" dash lighting (in 2000 they went to white).  $7400 for a '99 A8 with 88k and otherwise sound seems like a good deal.  Overheating plus coolant leaking from the front of the motor sure sounds like waterpump failure or thermostat.  Both get replaced in the timing belt replacement anyway.  As long as the oil isn't milky and the exhaust doesn't smell sickly sweet, you're probably OK.  

You might have your mechanic replace the valve cover gaskets while he's in there; they bake and leak right down onto the exhaust manifold.  [Or do that job yourself; it isn't that hard.  I think the A8 is one of the easier luxocars to do your own work on.]  Replace the cabin air filters too; they're often neglected.

'98 A8 90k

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