[A8] breather hose, cabin filter

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Fri Oct 26 07:38:38 PDT 2007

I finally have some time to devote to my 99 A8. I bought two oil filters since they were $10.00 a piece, synthetic oil and changed the oil even though it was clean (didn't want to trust what was in there). I also wanted to check a very small leak and smell so, up the ramp she went. It looked like the oil was coming from some unreacheable place way above the rear of the motor. I took the engine covers off and behind the valve cover there is a breather hose that goes into the engine itself or what appears to be the crankcase. This hose was absolutely deteriorated. I called the stealership and they wanted $126.00 for a hose literally 10 inches long (ha,who could be so lucky?). I looked in my parts bin/garbage bin and found a similar shaped hose, in excellent rubbery shape, from my 76' 280C emissions crap that I took out. I cut it and after much PITA slapped it on. I also bought a cabin air filter. Can somebody tell me where it goes? I ordered the manual but it is backorderd from Bentley's.
Thank you very much.
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