[A8] A8? Bulb Change(s)

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Mr. Santoro,
Can you provide me with a link to the site with the A8 clogged water drain problem?  My 1999 has similar issues and altho I just sold it to a friend in order to move to a 2003 S-8, my friend might well need to know about this fix.  Sure is a pain getting a foot full of cold water when turning a corner; worse when it goes the other way and your wife gets the "hot-foot"!

Dennis Minni
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>> Long time no see you post ..
>> Hope all is well with you and the Audi too 
> What can I say. I loved the V8, and I spent lots of time working on it. I 
> like the A8, but nothing seems to go wrong with it. The only problem I have had 
> is a clogged water drain in the airconditioning/heating vent sysytem. I got a 
> tip from Paul ??? who has an A8 web site which fixed that problem. I am just 
> keeping my fingers crossed and continuing to enjoy driving the A8. BTW, when you 
> get to my age, funny things happen to your memory!  By the time I am ready 
> for lunch, I've already forgotten what I had for breakfast. 
> Frank Santoro
> 1990 V8 (gone but not forgotten)
> 1998 A8
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