[A8] A8? Bulb Change(s)

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Sun Apr 5 07:57:58 PDT 2009

Dennis- Sorry for the delay in response. I found the information you 
requested. The article is titled "Unclogging the A/C Evaporator Drains" written by 
Paul Waterloo. The site address is 
http:www.audipages.com/Tech_Articles/heatac/exaporatordrains.html.  No, I did not miss type, it really says "exaporator".  
As I said previously, I have had little problem with the A8, so I do not 
frequent the Audipages web site very often. I will say however that Paul Waterloo 
seems to know his stuff. His technique for clearing the drain was not the 
"direct"pproach I was looking for, and I initalyy disregarded it hoping to find a 
more fundamental solution--Like finding the clogged drain and clearing it out. 
It turns out getting at the culprit drain is a much bigger job than I 
envisioned, so I tried Pauls approach which worked just fine and was pretty simple. You 
need an air compressor, a garden hose, and a piece of copper tubing bent to 
form a custom "nozzel" for your air hose. You fill the filter housing with 
water, and insert the nozzel into the water with the outlet near the drain 
oppening and blow air. The air pressure working against the water is enough pressure 
to clear the clog. As I recall (remember what I said about my memory) there 
are 2 drains from the filter box reservoir, one on each side. I think I had to 
clear each drain twice.HTH
Frank Santoro 

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