[A8] Timing belt and water pump time

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Sat Aug 1 07:38:55 PDT 2009

Cody Forbes wrote:
> I've done this on countless V6 Audis from 100's to Allroads and  
> beyond, and I've done a few 40v V8's but never on this 32v. I tried  
> looking up the cam locking cross bar with AST and all of the tool  
> trucks, but it seems this engine doesn't use it. Is that true? Are the  
> cam gears keyed to the cam the old fashioned way with timing marks on  
> them?
> If anybody out there could send along the torque spec for the cam  
> pulley bolts, tensioner and relay rollers, and big crank bolt I'd be  
> much obliged.

Here's a link to a good web page about it. It also has a link to a PDF
file that details the procedure.


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