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Not sure how different the A8 door switches are -- maybe they're more a solenoid-type switch? But maybe more likely is that the ground for that switch might be suspect-perhaps internally to the switch even. 

A not-so-clean ground might fool the interior light module into a state of confusion. Just a guess. 
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I thought that at first, but then the door switch has to be function to get 
the party rolling. Of course this IS an Audi, but it seems like if the door 
switch was the culprit the lights wouldn't work at all or would fail to turn 

Just now I thought of something though. I wonder if it could be something 
with the alarm. The alarm doesn't seem to work right anyways - I've noticed 
that one can be inside with the alarm on and the motion sensor will not set 
off the alarm, nor does opening a door. Seems the only thing that DOES set 
the alarm off is driving by the car with one of the open exhaust race cars. 
Maybe the alarm control module has gone south.

It doesn't bug me enough (yet) to really dig into it. I was hoping for a 
BTDT. Maybe one day after other projects are finished up ;-).


> Hmm. Wonder if it has to do with the door switch? That's the only variable 
> I can think of...
> Ingo Rautenberg
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> Patient is my '98 A8q.
> When the right rear door is open the interior lights flash. Not fast, they 
> just fade in like normal, then imediately fade out like they normally 
> would when the door is closed, and continues this cycle as long as the 
> door is open. On all other doors the lights act normal - open the door and 
> they fade on and stay on, close the door and they fade out. I thought it 
> might be related to the child safety door handle lock, but switching that 
> off didn't make the slow-disco stop.
> Any ideas?
> -Cody Forbes
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