[A8] Interior disco

Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Tue Nov 10 17:19:36 PST 2009

It seems that the switch is part of the latch mechanism and would require 
pulling the door panel and removing the latch from the door. I may go there 
one day, but for now I just moved the kids booster seat to the left side and 
voila no reason to open the right rear door anymore ;-).

I'll note that the open door diagram on the LCD display indicates the door 
being open and closed properly.

The wiring diagram shows that there is just one switch per door and it 
signals a control unit - it doesn't carry current to the lights themselves.


>I think door switch too - maybe it's a bit dirty and allows enough current 
>to turn the lights "on", but not enough to keep them on once current is 
>trying to flow?
> How hard is it to pull the switch out and give it a quick clean?
> Cody Forbes wrote:
>> I thought that at first, but then the door switch has to be function to 
>> get the party rolling. Of course this IS an Audi, but it seems like if 
>> the door switch was the culprit the lights wouldn't work at all or would 
>> fail to turn off.
>>> Hmm. Wonder if it has to do with the door switch? That's the only 
>>> variable I can think of...
>>> Ingo Rautenberg
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>>> Patient is my '98 A8q.
>>> When the right rear door is open the interior lights flash. Not fast, 
>>> they just fade in like normal, then imediately fade out like they 
>>> normally would when the door is closed, and continues this cycle as long 
>>> as the door is open. On all other doors the lights act normal - open the 
>>> door and they fade on and stay on, close the door and they fade out. I 
>>> thought it might be related to the child safety door handle lock, but 
>>> switching that off didn't make the slow-disco stop.
>>> Any ideas?
>>> -Cody Forbes
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