[A8] Front right oxygen sensor

Rich, Jack Jack.Rich at kronos.com
Sun Nov 22 18:53:59 PST 2009

You are quite right.  I thought the socket would be able to reach down into there, but the one that would reach had too small a slit to fit over the wrapped wire.  The one with a big slit required some enormous torx socket, and I don't see what would keep it from falling off while trying to get it on.  I also noticed that if I could get the socket on, it would then be at an angle that would probably preclude being able to reach it with a socket extender.  I tried fishing it down through a tighter hold at a better, but probably still not good enough, angle, and eventually knocked the socket off the socket extender, whence it fell down somewhere into the engine, hopefully on the floor pan where I'll eventually be able to retrieve it.  I called it quits in frustration at that point.

I sure need to find a btdt set of instructions.  I've searched audiworld forums to no avail other than finding someone who said it was a pita.

Plus I discovered both front CV boots are ripped.  Oh, the joys of aging Audi ownership!


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Rich, Jack wrote:
> They make something called an oxygen sensor socket that looks like just the ticket.
> They rent them at autozone for free.  Not that anyone appears to be reading....  :^)

The question was *how to get at* the sensor, not what to use on it.

Not being familiar with the A8, my guess is that some combination of O2 sensor
socket, extensions, and universal joint(s) should be able to get to it.

It might be wise to soak the O2 sensor in PB Blaster or some such for a few days
before trying, as the slit in the O2 sensor socket might be too weak to break
free a frozen O2 sensor.

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