[ba] (NAC) Apologies for the bandwidth

Anton Gaidos Anton.Gaidos at flextronics.com
Thu Nov 9 13:33:58 EST 2000

 As many of you know my wife is in a contest -
http://baywatch.citysearch.com/bvote/bayarea?cat=girl&page=4&rgn=4 - and
it's my fault. I entered her without her knowledge. To date she has done
well and made it all the way to the semi-finals for the entire western US.
Our goal is just win her oppenents on page 4. The problem is some girls from
page 3 are having their fans vote against Carol. This makes me mad. If Carol
is to lose let her lose on merit not negitive voting. So all of you please
go here to vote:
http://baywatch.citysearch.com/bvote/bayarea?cat=girl&page=4&rgn=4 and here
to see what Carol really looks like:
 Thanks again my apologies.

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