[ba] Mint '83 4000S for sale

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed Nov 29 00:52:04 EST 2000

Not mine, but I was asked to see if anyone is interested.  I would buy
it myself if I had the room to park it...

The seller states:
In the fall of 1982 my father purchased an  '83 Audi 4000S 4E off
the lot from Sunnyvale Porsche/Audi. The car sat basically unused,
except for weekly drives to charge the battery, until his death this
past April. My family is looking for a good home for the car.  It has
approximately 5,500 original miles (yes, five-thousand five hundred). It
is silver with brown/black interior and 5-speed. It is NOT a Quattro.
The car basically looks, drives, and smells brand new. My father kept
most all of the original dealer documentation, including window
stickers, I believe. It is truly a time-capsule type of vehicle. We'd
rather see the car go to someone who could enjoy it.  It would make a
wonderful and unique daily driver for an Audi enthusiast.  The car is
still in my parent's garage in Sunnyvale, but needs to go very soon.

If anyone is interested please let me know and I'll forward contact info.
He is looking for something around $1500 for it.

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