[ba] New ba-grouper

Cassidy Bolger cassidybolger at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 30 13:28:10 EST 2000

Hi Bay Area Listers,

I have just signed up for the digest of the ba-group, but I have not yet 
recieved one. How often does it come around?

I just moved to San Francisco this summer, but was on the regular q-list 
last year.  I am looking for a mechanic and alignment shop in SF for my 1986 
5000 cstq.  Specifically, I have some tires that need to be mounted and am 
looking to have someone check out my injectors.  They are original 
(150,000mi) and I suspect them for my cold-starting problems.  So, whom do 
you guys reccomend?  Do I need to mention that I want to get the Viton 
tipped injectors(as I read recommended once), or is that all that is around 
now?  What is a Viton?

I have not signed up on the regular q-list because the volume is too much 
for my brain to handle.  Do you guys discuss these kinds of questions here, 
or is it mostly geographically specific conversation?

Thanks in advance,

Cassidy Bolger
cassidybolger at hotmail.com
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