[ba] Getting the ball rolling!

Adrian Johnson ad at tibco.com
Tue Oct 24 12:56:03 EDT 2000

Hi Steve et al,

Here's a question that might help get the ball rolling:

Anyone know a good Audi dealer in the area between SF and Palo Alto? Maybe
a "good Audi dealer" is an oxymoron????

For my old 5000 I used to use DM Motors in Palo Alto and always found them
to be very competent and responsive but now that I have an A4 that is
covered under Audi's warranty I have to take it to a dealer for services.
The car came from Rector in Burlingame but so far I've not been impressed
by their mechanical ability - the car was delivered with tires
over-inflated to 45psi and after only 3,500 miles the brake warning light
came on because the fluid level was too low. Since I cannot find any signs
of leakage I can only assume that the level was low when the car was
delivered. Carlsen were very good about topping up the brake fluid and they
are close to where I work so maybe I'll try them.

Any other places that can be recommended? Or places to steer clear of?



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