[ba] Newbie intro and some Q's

Jonas K. jkarlsso at metabolex.com
Thu Apr 12 21:07:06 EDT 2001

Hi there, 

I thought I'd send this to both the ba-group and 20v lists since I'd be saying
the same thing anyway. 

I sent a longer message to the quattro list, but here's a briefer intro. 

My name is Jonas Karlsson
I live in Milpitas (between San Jose & Fremont) and just got a 1990 Coupe
Quattro. Black. 

I love the car, and I'm game for tech days, BBQs and (of course) cruises. I've
been wrenching on my A1 VW's for almost 3 years and plan on doing most of the
minor repairs on the car myself. 

I do actually have a couple of questions right off the bat. 

What are you all seeing as water temp, oil temp, and oil pressure under normal
driving conditions. i.e. freeway cruising @ 75 mph. AC off. 

My water stays near the 1/4 mark, but in stop-n-go it can go as high as 1/2
My oil temp stays right at the first line above 60 C. Is that 80? 
The oil pressure is pegged when warm and above 2000 RPM. At idle when warm it
goes down to 2.5-3 bar. 

My concern is that maybe the thermostat is stuck open. Thought I'd get your
input. I know for the oil you really want it right around 100 C, otherwise
contaminants don't get burned off very well. 

Also, The ABS is doing the "boing" that 20v.org talks about. I'm getting a
bentley so I'm sure it will tell me how to fix it. But does anyone have any tips
in the meanwhile. I figure one of the sensors is too far from the rotor.

Glad to be here,

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