[ba] New Dimensions Charity Car Car Show Sunday May 20th

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sat Apr 28 05:01:03 EDT 2001

Wolff writes:
> http://www.newdimensions.com/show/2001/
> Anyone entering or attending? I'll have my Gobi '83 on display. I'm hoping
> to get some cool photos of it inside the giant Moffet Field hanger

I am planning to go, but not displaying any car in the show this time.

I don't know how they're going to do it this year, but I feel that their
contest categorization needs a little work.  While they have all these
different categories for VWs, they lumped all Audis into one, and despite
how much that's gone into my 4K it's hard to compete against those
newer modded A4s.  It'd be more fair to compare cars of similar vintage...
Also, the criteria for the judging was also questionable.  Despite the
amount of work/mods that went into my 4K it is quite understated.  The
more radical appearing cars usually get more points.

Not that winning a trophy or somesuch is a big deal to me, though.  Just
being there and talking with people is cool, but to prep and detail the
car for the show is A LOT of work.

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