[ba] Fw: viruses on the loose - beware

urq urq at pacbell.net
Tue Aug 7 11:50:04 EDT 2001

... saw this note from Dan posted on the main list ... I haven't seen many
viruses (virii??) flagged by the server on these lists, but I thought it was
worthwhile passing along ...

Steve Buchholz

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Subject: viruses on the loose - beware

> Folks,
> I'm seeing a large increase in the number of viruses that are being
> filtered by the server.  These won't bother the rest of us receiving the
> email, but many of you have compromised systems.
> I strongly suggest you purchase a commercial anti-virus solution or at
> least a shareware or trial version of something.  Good places to start
> are www.download.com and www.zdnet.com, as well as www.antivirus.com,
> www.trendmicro.com and so forth.
> The most common virus this week is the "Sircam" virus, just FYI.
> | Dan |

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