[ba] ALMS at Mosport

Harrison Blackwood audifanatic at killjoy.net
Sun Aug 19 18:34:03 EDT 2001

I taped NBC coverage of the ALMS at Mosport if anyone wants a copy let me
know. NBC coverage is only 2 hours long.

Very eventful race. Audi #1 R8 spun early and never recovered. Due to the
wet weather at the start of the race there was a lot of cars losing control.
Then there was the decision when to change to slicks when the weather
cleared and pit stop timing.

Unfortunately, it was an expensive race for many teams with damaged cars.

Audi #2 R8 won. Panoz #50 2nd. Cadillac took 3rd and 4th.

Harrison Blackwood
'90 Audi CQ
Los Gatos, CA

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