[ba] Awright! Got the radiator out!

Dave Haupt quattrodave at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 20 01:10:03 EDT 2001

The Audi lists saved me again!  I received half a
dozen replies, including one wherein the kind person
told me what tool to use, and how the radiator mount
is assembled.  I had to break up the old radiator a
bit to get the tool onto the mount, and I had to heat
the nut part to unsieze it, but out it came!

So now I have the requisite parts moved to the new
radiator, and will work on it, bit by bit, during the
coming week.

By the time I got the mount removed, the sun had set

Thanks all for the help

Santa Rosa, CA
'89 200Q Sedan, dormant
'88 Trek 8500, with all original parts

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