[ba] Awright! Got the radiator out!

Kevyn Shortell kevyn at mac.com
Mon Aug 20 04:43:04 EDT 2001

Well Dave,

The good thing about the sun setting, is that means the sun will also rise
again. =)

I've spent some of my most enjoyable tinkering in the dark, to have the sun
up and allow me to take the Audi out for a spin to see the sunrise!

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> The Audi lists saved me again!  I received half a
> dozen replies, including one wherein the kind person
> told me what tool to use, and how the radiator mount
> is assembled.  I had to break up the old radiator a
> bit to get the tool onto the mount, and I had to heat
> the nut part to unsieze it, but out it came!
> So now I have the requisite parts moved to the new
> radiator, and will work on it, bit by bit, during the
> coming week.
> By the time I got the mount removed, the sun had set
> :(
> Thanks all for the help
> Dave

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