[ba] Help! Radiator installation

jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 20 13:03:58 EDT 2001

whoa. im just about to do mine with a modine - i did find an all metal from 
a place in san leandro - 800 229 0800.

as for the mounts, i got new ones from the dealer - i havent looked at them 
yet bc i havent opened it up yet - but the parts connectioon also lists 
three -  2 are the same, uppers i think, and 1 lower mount. supposedly this 
is it,but like i said, i havent seen for sure, or what the compatibility 
deal is with a modine. ugh.

im betting the mount is  jsut rusted on. its a rubber bushing with a 
bolt/cap bonded to it. the threaded end is probly fused into the radiator 
and it would be impossible to get out w/out killing it (tearing the bushing 
in half with vise grips). just get new mounts, hopefully thatll do it.

thepartsconnection.com can prolly rush em to you- maybe a rad shop will have 
something thatll work. hardware stores DONT - i already tried.

everyone must have assumed you already ordered/had new mounts....

have fun,


>From: Dave Haupt <quattrodave at yahoo.com>
>To: quattro at audifans.com, 200q20v at audifans.com, ba-group at audifans.com
>Subject: [ba] Help! Radiator installation
>Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 18:52:00 -0700 (PDT)
>Yikes!!! I hate it when I do this.  I tried to follow
>the Bentley, asked several people's advice, and I
>still didn't get it right.
>The radiator in my 1989 200 Quattro croaked - failed
>plastic resulted in a complete draining of the cooling
>system while idling at a stoplight.
>On the advice of several listers, I ordered a Modine
>radiator, on the grounds that it would be all metal.
>It arrived, and is built just like the OEM radiator.
>Metal core, plastic endcaps.  Oh well, at least it was
>cheaper than the OEM one would have been.
>But, now I've got the OEM radiator out.  It seems to
>have a rubber shock mount at the bottom.  I soaked it
>with liquid wrench (it's not rusty...) and still can't
>get it off.  Is this thing an integral part of the OEM
>radiator?  If so, where do I get a new mount to attach
>to the new radiator?  The new Modine clearly has a
>threaded hole for this mount to affix to - that's why
>I thought it probably was intended to move from the
>old radiator to the new one.  Oh, yes, plus the fact
>that in a dozen enquiries nobody mentioned this little
>mount problem to me.
>If I have to get a new one, is this a dealer-only
>item, or is there a slim chance that a local radiator
>shop might stock one?
>Thanks to the lists.  They've saved my posterior more
>than once.
>Santa Rosa
>1989 200 Quattro Sedan, 144k miles and a laundry list
>of "gotta get to it" repairs
>1988 Trek 8500 aluminum, getting a lot of use now that
>the Audi is my primary vehicle
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