[ba] Help! Radiator installation

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Mon Aug 20 18:07:28 EDT 2001

> whoa. im just about to do mine with a modine - i did find an all metal from
> a place in san leandro - 800 229 0800.
> as for the mounts, i got new ones from the dealer - i havent looked at them
> yet bc i havent opened it up yet - but the parts connectioon also lists
> three -  2 are the same, uppers i think, and 1 lower mount.

Just a quick aside, when Brendan got his new 4kq radiator from Blau
(audiquattroparts.com), he bought the "install kit" which they
conveniently sell - new rubber mounts and nuts.

I didn't get it when I did mine, because I already had plenty of them
for some reason.  Also can get them pretty easily at Atlantic Imported
(volksparts.com), they have several boxes of them for various ap's.

So Blau should have what you need - and knwo what they are, too, which
is always nice.

Huw Powell



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