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Dan Hamren dan at magnitude-electronics.com
Thu Aug 23 16:05:04 EDT 2001

Steve B said this>>><sniP>
 I've been thinking of the A6 2.7T 6-speed myself....<snip>

I bought a set of steel snows from a guy in Campbell... he opened up his
garage and low and behold was a brand new A6 2.7L Twin Spin in a Manual...
the salesman said that is was the last one until January ( in a stick ) but
you know how those dealership salesmen are... could have been last one they
have allocated to them, but Carlsen or Rector might have 3 comming in or
already there.... Anyway he had the nice  BIG 17 or 18 inch BBS RX looking
wheels.. (double drool) the color was some kinda metalic booring blue.. (I
would insist on  silver.. (proper German racing color) but nice indeed...

After I wiped the drool of my face I complimented him on his car, and he
said.. ohh its not for me.. its for her... pointing to his newborn child...
lucky kid!

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