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jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 24 04:04:03 EDT 2001

fine. BE all logical, see if i care.  no, i think it's a very good thiing 
that the company is building what are arguably the best products they ever 
havem and the masses have clearly noticed.

the other side of that argument is that as a result of trying to sell more 
cars, theres an unavoidable homogozezation that has to happen to increase 
appeal.  thus the cars will/can/could lose some of their "soul" or 
something. i thin kthe current cars have done an absolutely incredible job 
of balancing being exceptionally sellable commodities as well as being true 
ebnthusiast hotrods. i hope it stays that way. bimmer and benz have done a 
pretty good job of it.

i give audi huge credit for that. i guess im jsut a sucker for the badass 
underdog, and audi just isnt anymore. oh well.

imo, the whole reason our cars kick so much a** is that they hammered the 
doors off of everone else and fginally had to get banned to get back in! 
youve gotta love that. it's jsut so punk rock!

anyway, again, sorry for the ranting, i get a little zealotous at night. my 
blood sugar must be dropping...

nighty night.


and to all the s4 rockers out there...  your cars are the baddest and we all 
know it. so smile when you shift for me.

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>Subject: Re: [ba] (no subject)
>Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 23:38:05 -0700
>... well, from my POV, the more interest there is in Audi (especially those
>who have a lot of cash to put into bump ups and such) the more interest
>there will be from aftermarket tuners ... and the better things will be for
>the true Audi fans as I believe the members of this group represent.  The
>only downside I see is that Audis are holding their value better than they
>once did ... but in reality that probably isn't that bad a thing ...
>... now if I could only get a reasonable fraction of what I paid out of my
>urquattro ... (ain't gonna happen though :-)
>Steve Buchholz
>San Jose, CA (USA)
> > ive said it before and ill say it again and gladly take the flak... it
> > me out how many goofballs and hotshots and blond gucci sunglasses i see
> > rocking s4's. i  wish THEY (they know who they are, or do they?) would
> > stuck to bimmers and benzes.
> >
> > what can i say? death before disindividuality.  thats part of the reason
> > fell in love with these damn cars in the FIRST place. they WERE the best
> > kept secret in automobilia. grrr.....
> >
> > love the car tho. its the hottest ride out there for 40g or less.
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